About Me

Facts About Me :
  1. Javanesse, Indonesian and moslem
  2. Was born in December 28th ,1986
  3. Economic management graduated
  4. Now Lives in Jakarta, Indonesia
  5. Love read, Love book
  6. Prefer coffee over tea
  7. I have two elder sisters
  8. Sometimes arguing with parents, and then crying easily
  9. Wanna be a vegan, but realized i can’t, haha
  10. Promise  to workout everyday, but its hard
  11. Promise to writing everyday, but its hard too
  12. Friendly but moody
  13. Sometimes think about weird things easily
  14. like korean drama and OST Korean Drama, but don’t like K-Pop
  15. i think and overthinking about everything
  16. my english is soo bad, but im trying to be better
  17. My favourite colour is green

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